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Environmental Friendly Printers: Purchasing Printing Equipment that has Lower Environmental Impact

The growing social awareness of environmental issues and power consumption was a stimulus for procurement officers within organizations to ensure that new printing equipment purchased has a significant lower environmental impact.

Reduce Power Consumption on Existing Printing Equipment Usage

Measures and guidelines to save power consumption on existing printing equipment should be encouraged amongst the staff within an organization. Printing equipment could be shared amongst a number of users within an organization’s department depending on the specific printer’s capacity and the particular office’s work load. The total ownership cost of having small desktop printers on each desk is by far much higher than sharing a heavy duty printer over the network amongst a number of users particularly with respect to the cost of printing consumables, printer maintenance and power consumption.

The Advantages of Network Printers

Network printers should ideally be connected to a network point dedicated solely for the printing machine since such a setup will do away with the need to have a desktop computer switched on at all times when printing facilities are required by the organization. API integration

Recommended Technical Specifications for Environmental Friendly Printers

In order to make certain that printing equipment is utilized effectively and has both lower environmental impact and reduced power consumption heavy duty desktop printers purchased should ideally include the following minimum technical specifications. These specifications cater for small offices when the shared printing equipment is used by a maximum of six users:

  • Network Print RAM 16MB
  • DNS Capable
  • Duplex Printing

When more than five users will be printing on the shared printing equipment it is more cost efficient and environmental friendly to opt for the procurement of a multifunction machine. Multifunction printing equipment purchased should ideally include the following minimum technical specifications:

  • Network Print RAM 512MB
  • DNS Capable
  • Duplex Printing
  • 120,000 monthly cycle
  • Scanning – 40 sheets/minute
  • Printing – 35 pages/minute
  • Two-sided network copying
  • Paper capacity 2,000
  • Sorter facility
  • Scan to email or folder functionality
  • Full audit functionality

Force Duplex Printing and Reduce Consumbales

Printing equipment can be purchased that is efficient in paper use by supporting duplex printing. Such printers can be set up to force duplex printing each time a document is sent to the printer. Consumables-efficient equipment produce much less waste. Furthermore network capable machines can easily be shared amongst a number of officers within a department reducing power consumption.