ProMotion vs. Standard: iPhone 15 Pro’s Cutting-Edge Display Tech

Apple often waits for a technology to develop before integrating it into their products. This often results in users missing out on options like displays with 120Hz.

ProMotion is a dynamic display that changes its refresh rate in accordance with what’s happening on the screen. It can give you a more fluid experience as well as improve your gaming experience.


While you scroll on TikTok or using a popular app or game, the iPhone 15 Pro’s screen refreshes more than twice as fast as a standard display at 60Hz. This provides a smoother appearance and improves responsiveness and performance.

It’s an existing technology available on many other smartphones. But Apple is a firm who waits for new technologies to mature before integrating it into its product.

This might be why it took so long to get the iPhone to adopt 120Hz. With Android phones already offering this option, it’s high time that Apple would too. According to a report via Chinese social media website that yuex1122 is citing a national information source in the display industry The iPhone 15 Pro will come equipped with an LTPO display that supports 120Hz of refresh. Apple has confirmed the information soon, and will begin massive production. The Pro series has this feature however, the basic general plus model won’t have it in its specifications.

iPhone 15

Gaming on iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro is designed to make a great gaming unit. Apple has worked with game designers to ensure the graphics are crisp and the frame rate stays constant. Apple says they are able to keep it from causing the iPhone from overheating while games by using intelligent display technology and GPU scaling.

In addition to being a fantastic gaming gadget In addition, the iPhone 15 Pro also works perfectly with other apps and content. Apple’s ProMotion technology is able to refresh the screen 120 times per second, allowing for smooth flicking and scrolling, faster responsiveness, and better motion clarity.

As was the case the previous year, Apple is keeping their 120Hz ProMotion display exclusively for the Pro series of iPhones. This year’s iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max (or perhaps iPhone Ultra) both have the Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion as well as P3 broad color support, haptic touch, and HDR. Hopefully, Apple will eventually add this on its other iPhones as well.

Apple Pencil on 120Hz display

Making use of the iPhone Pro’s display by using the Apple Pencil is also made more responsive as it decreases the amount of time it takes for the stylus’s pen to paint the line onto the screen. The result is that drawing feels effortless, and making scrolling through and using apps smoother.

ProMotion is an innovative [display] technology that delivers refresh rates of up to 120Hz, which allows for smooth scrolling and more responsive smoother motion content. It operates by dynamically changing the refresh rate on the dynamic basis of the type of content you’re looking at. If you’re viewing static images or similar content, it can drop down to 24Hz.

It’s a feature that was introduced with the iPad Pro, and it’s an amazing piece of technology. However, it’s a shame that Apple is deciding to keep this technology for their larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro and not offer it in their regular iPhone range. I hope that this shifts at some point in the near future. If it does, this is going to be the finest phone available for those who want a buttery-smooth experience.

Pro Display XDR integration

Created to be tough and sturdy built to be tough and durable, iPhone 15 series features a colour-infused glass and aluminium design that is water and splash resistant. Additionally, it has a pro-grade camera system that’s equipped to take high-resolution pictures and HDR footage recording.

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro’s 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display increases to 120Hz as necessary, which gives it the ability to render console quality images without sacrificing clarity or fluidity. Also, it has real-to-life colour and high-brightness.

Apple’s A17 chip is a compact powerhouse that comes with a 6-core CPU and GPU with MetalFX upscaling technology for higher quality graphics. It is able to support hardware-accelerated ray tracer and gives users of the iPhone 15 Pro the ability to produce realistic light and shadows when playing video and games.

Choosing between an iPhone 15 Pro and the standard model will likely depend on your requirements and budget. The Pro models feature a more powerful camera, a faster processor and more storage options, however, the cost is also a lot higher.