Things You Need to Know About Long Term PSAT-SAT-ACT Preparation

There are five things you need to think about long haul PSAT-SAT-ACT preparation. It is as easy as A-E-I-O-U: You need to have Awareness, start Early, make it an Iterative interaction, take the tests Often, and Understand how the raising your scores can assist you with getting your preferred school and help you secure better school subsidizing.

SAT Course preparation


  • PSAT is geared to eleventh graders and offered in OCTOBER ONLY. Anyone can take it and you register at your local school. The PSAT is utilized to qualify understudies for National Merit Scholarship rivalry. sixth – tenth graders should take it for practice.
  • There is a wealth of information on the College Board and site. Understudies and parents should pursue the information they give.


  • Start in sixth grade for practice – take PSAT in October for practice and take 1 SAT and 1 ACT for practice for every year through Middle School.
  • The Duke Talent Identification Program is available for qualifying seventh graders. Check with your school for information on this. They usually test for this in the sixth grade.
  • In the ninth – tenth take the PSAT for practice in October for practice, and 2 SATs and 2 ACTs for practice for every year.
  • Take a heavy obligation prep course the mid year between grades 10 and 11.
  • In the eleventh grade, take the PSAT for record in October and 2 SATs and 2 ACTs for record. The goal is wrap up a decent score before the finish of the lesser year.
  • In the twelfth grade, take tests as required.


  • The more you take the tests, the more you gain Test Maturity – become more sure and skilled with the tests.
  • Gain experience first, and then gain ability. We really want you to have a couple of tests added to your repertoire before you start any hard center prep.
  • Training will be easier because you understand the test and it will be faster to zero in on improving instead of uncovering the basics of each test.


  • Take the tests frequently.
  • You can take the SAT and PSAT a limitless number of times and take the ACT up to multiple times.


  • Many schools award scholarships for SAT/ACT scores alone.
  • Higher scores can conquer fair grades.
  • The best Diagnostic is to take the real test under real test conditions.

The best long haul approach is to start early gaining experience and clean with aptitude later. The BEST DIAGNOSTIC is the REAL test taken in a REAL climate. Take ALL the tests: PSAT, ACT, and SAT.